Company Information

Grangers International is a British-based manufacturer with a heritage based upon the relentless pursuit of excellence in product performance. For the past 80 years, the company has combined a love of traditional British weather with a passion for technical excellence, resulting in a range of products designed to protect outdoor clothing, equipment, sportswear, and footwear.

Since 1937, Grangers International has led the way in terms of innovation, product efficacy, and customer satisfaction. Not only is each product manufactured in a dedicated facility located in the heart of the United Kingdom, the company also formulates, designs, and markets protection products for a wide range of private label partners.

With three in-house brands — Grangers, Cherry Blossom Shoe Care, and Fabsil — Grangers International is able to offer a complete protection package, whatever your needs. And, with cleaning, waterproofing, and maintenance products that are as effective as they are easy to use, you'll have all the protection you need to live uninhibited. 

You can find Grangers International products in shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, and independent retailers in over 50 countries worldwide, making it easier than ever to experience total product protection at the moment you need it most. If you prefer to shop online, products can be browsed at either, or www,

UK Manufacturing

Producing the very best protection products requires time, dedication, and the combined knowledge and experience of the very best people...

Grangers International's dedicated manufacturing facility, located in Alfreton, Derbyshire, is home to a host of skilled individuals all working together to provide unrivalled excellence in product protection. An in-house product design team is on-hand to quickly produce bespoke packaging, promotional material, and video content. A team of technicians work tirelessly to create and perfect the formulations of each protection product the company produces - while also ensuring the efficacy and quality of each product that leaves the building. And a sales team with over 50 years of combined experience and strong B2B, B2C, and digital marketing credentials help to drive sales and provide excellent customer service. Together, the entire team is able to bring order to the chaos of an unpredictable world.

When it comes to physically producing the 15 million units that pass through Grangers International's manufacturing facility each year, the first step of the production process is as carefully considered as the last. By developing, formulating, producing, testing, and packaging everything in a single location, the company is able to ensure the best performance possible. The central location of the manufacturing facility helps too by giving Grangers International strong transport links to the rest of the country, while continued investment in highly efficient manufacturing — and skilled operatives to utilise it — ensures that customers, consumers, and private label partners all receive the best products on the market. 

Complete Product Protection

With a history of technical excellence, a commitment to complete product protection, and a passion for traditional British weather, Grangers International is perfectly suited to help you meet your aftercare needs. 

Not only does Grangers International manufacture unique, innovative, and high-performance products, it is highly adept at transforming protection solutions into highly marketable customer favourites. The Fabsil brand, for instance, is a household name amongst campers, while the Cherry Blossom brand has a 68% recall rate with consumers in the UK (source: One Poll).

By keeping the entire manufacturing process in a single location, the company is able to exert both flexibility and complete control over its three in-house brands, as well as the private label products it manurfactures for others. Plus, with the creativity, expertise, and tremendous passion for protection that exists within the Grangers International team, the company has the drive needed to keep you ahead of the competition...

With the ability to develop products suitable for use on all clothing and footwear, a technical team able to colour match a polish to any fabric or leather, and a product design team capable of providing bespoke packaging, instructional or demonstrative videos, social media support, and brand management services, Grangers International can provide you with the best protection products, and the support you need to fully utilise them. 

Research and Development

Grangers International has spent the last 80 years developing new formulations to provide more comprehensive product protection — while also refining existing products to keep them as dependable today as they were decades ago.

Grangers International's legacy of technical innovation was first cemented in 1947, when the company produced the world's first ever water-based waterproofing treatment — a development that paved the way for other companies to move towards more environmentally-friendly products. More recently, Grangers International has moved away from fluorocarbon-based products, and became the first manufacturer of waterproofing products to acquire bluesign® system partner status for their work in developing environmentally-responsible production chains.

In 2007, the company invested heavily in waterproofing technology that could better meet the shifting technological needs of an outdoor industry that was rapidly evolving. Rather than making minor alterations to existing products, the company's in-house technical team set about creating an entirely new range that would be future-proof and adaptable enough to protect for years to come. The result of this work was Acrylic Polymer Technology — a formulation which delivers good levels of protection and durability while being more environmentally conscious than other waterproofing solutions.

In addition to the steps already taken to reduce the environmental impact of it products, and its bluesign® system partner status, Grangers International is also an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered company, and a member of SATRA.

bluesign System Partner ISO 14001 Registered Company ISO 9001 Registered Company SATRA member

Our Brands

Our three aftercare brands combine to provide complete product protection. 


Designed to clean and protect all outdoor and technical clothing - Grangers is the perfect way to prepare for any adventure.

  The best way to protect your equipment and waterproof kit - Fabsil has been a favourite with camping enthusiasts for years.

The first - and now only - shoe care product produced in the UK. Cherry Blossom Shoe Care has been protecting consumers for over 100 years.